Why Dogs Eat Poop

Dog lovers turn to their pets for relaxation and for company, but most of them experience frustrating encounters in trying to figure out why dogs eat poop. Seeing your dog eating his own poop is pretty disturbing, not to mention ‘disgusting’, and as much as you love your dog, it is hard to bring him around when he does not look like he has experienced natural dog training sessions with you. So, if you want to nip this dog behavior in the bud, you better read on to get a better grasp on what’s happening with your dog.

Poop-Eating Behavior

The behavior wherein a dog eats his own poop is medically known as coprophagia. This is characterized as the habitual and deliberate ingestion of feces. Your dog might be fond of eating cat poop, or he prefers ingesting bird poop better. There are also other dogs that do not have any preferences, as long as what they are eating is poop. However, this is only one of the numerous eating disorders a dog can experience.

Further canine eating problems also include anorexia, which is starving one’s self to the point of dying; pica, or eating inedible materials; and gorging, which is the opposite of anorexia for it is characterized as stuffing one’s self with food to the point of suffocation and indigestion. Knowing that this dog illness is somehow similar with humans having their own eating disorders will help us focus on finding a solution instead of being horrified by our dogs’ actions.

Reasons Behind Coprophagia

Armed with the knowledge of what is afflicting our canine friends, it is now time to look for the reasons causing them to act in this manner. Poop Donations

The top reason why dogs eat poop is basically due to the fact that they love its taste. They also do not know what should and should not be eaten; and if they are hungry and they see it, they will have no qualms whatsoever in eating feces. They do not share the same sensibilities we, humans, have.

Dogs eating their own feces are also caused by nutritional imbalance. When a dog lacks a particular digestive enzyme, he will eat his own poop to preserve the necessary enzymes. According to research, dogs coprophagia is caused due to vitamin B1-deficiency.

Stress is also a contributing factor in why dogs eat poop. When dogs are stressed out, they eat their own poop to alleviate the strain they are feeling. Because each dog has their own different apprehensions and varying stress alarms that could prompt them to start eating their own poop, it is important to discover them ahead of time so that the owners can avoid them in the future.

Dogs eating their feces can also be due to boredom. When your dog is left alone and does not have anything to amuse him, he will turn to his own poop to play with and to eat as a means of entertaining himself while passing the time until you are finally there to give him some TLC.

In some cases, dogs eat the poop of other dogs that are more dominant and aggressive than them. This incident occurs more on households that have more than one dog. For them, it is a matter of submission and dominance.


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