F19 Pro: Record Pictures and Display Portraits in High Definition


The OPPO F19 Pro has everything a budding photographer needs to make professional videos. Features like Auto Focus, Timing, Image stabilization, Flash, Image zoom and Panning are some of the major ones that come to your help when you buy Oppo F19 Pro. The OPPO F19 Pro has everything you need to make professional video shots. The lens of this camera has an F/2.8 maximum aperture for amazing images and clarity. The camera has a 3.5-inch screen which is quite large for a digital slr. f19 pro

The OPPO F19 Pro has the ability to shoot up to three hundred imaging modes which is definitely an advantage over the other cameras in the same class. The other benefit is of course the higher storage space of the Pro versus the other cameras. You can store twenty five megapixel pictures and nine mega-pixels videos. The price of this camera is $1350 which is about two to three times the cost of other cameras in the same category.

The OPPO F19 Pro has a high resolution nineteen megapixel camera with full automatic control. With the high resolution camera you can take a great photo of your kids, pets or yourself and have it published on the internet for all to see. The sixteen mega-pixels camera is sufficient for your everyday selfies. The photo is brought to life with the help of Adobe Photoshop Elements software. The OPPO F19 Pro fluid black sensor will also give you the best results even in the dim and dark.

There is one minor drawback of the Oppo F 19 Pro though. It lacks the OPEED functionality which is the ability to turn off the backlight automatically once it reaches about 24 hours of battery life. This functionality makes it worth having if you are a person who likes taking snaps during the day or when at home or when the mood takes over and you are not actually interested in taking photos but need to look up something on the internet. If you are not that keen on manual operation then the OPEED is what you need. It helps save battery power but adds a degree of difficulty in turning off the backlight when required.

The OPPO F 19 Pro can be used to record videos also. The video recording is a simple affair with the built in flash charge headlights. There is no auto-play facility which means you have to manually start recording as the light level in the room might fall below what is recommended. The battery does not last long though despite having a decent recording quality.

One of the best selling points of the F 19 Pro is its ability to take an ordinary picture and turn it into an exquisite image. It records the width, height and diagonal measurements of the area that is being covered by the camera lens. After this the images are sent to the iFrame software to be converted into a genuine photo using the ARRI iFrame software. With a total resolution of twenty four megapixels, the F 19 Pro could record an image that would rival even the best cameras. However, it is not quite as bright as the Sony ai portrait video camera and other mirror cameras.

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